ZEN MEDITATION at Jizoan Zen Centre

Jizoan Zen Centre is an urban Zen comunity located in Perth, Western Australia. Jizoan offers a variety of practice oppurtunities in the Rinzai Zen tradition. Our vision focuses on the integration of practice, arts, enviromental appreciation and social awareness, bringing together Wisdom and Compassion.  


Please come join us in our Zen centre and gardens and look for opportunities to begin or deepen your Zen practice.

Beginners Workshops - Monday,Wednesday, Saturday evenings & Saturday Afternoons
'Moon Viewing' is a 4 week workshop covering a variety facets of Zen. Through which you will have a potentially strong foundation your future Zen practice, and an understanding in your past Zen practice. Potentially because Zen is what you make it. Ask What is Zen? And a million answers are possible, each belonging to each person and even changing as our understanding grows.
After which you can join any sitting evening or day.

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Getting to Jizoan Zen Centre (Cars, Buses and Trains)

The temple is located near Stock road and Winterfold road off Redmond road. A 5 minute drive from Fremantle or 15 minutes currently on the Free way South bound.
Please indicate to us if you are taking the bus or are new to Perth/Fremantle and we'll do our best to help you.

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Legend of Carp Becoming a Dragon

A Zen legend known as Koi-no-Takinobori in Japan, wherein carp swim, against all odds, up a waterfall known as the “Dragon Gate” at the headwaters of China’s Yellow River.  The few successful carp by turn into dragons. 
The story symbolizes