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Workshops and Classes 2014-2015
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Zen de-mystified
Zen and the Sword
Turning to Awakening
Zen and the Yogacara sutra
Zazen of the Heart - Zen and the Heart Sutra
Yoga and Zen Workshop
One Word One Mind
Zen of small things and big mind

With University of Western Australia Extension Open Lectures 

March 2015

Zen from India to Now
Who am I?
Japanese Garden design

Zen de-mystified 

A look at the basic principles and structure of Zen Buddhism and how principle and practice come together. Instruction in the practice of zazen and other forms in Zen practice. We’ll look at the philosophical structure of Zen and how that informs the forms we use, and we’ll look at the forms themselves. If you’re a begininner new to Zen, or a regular visitor to the Zendo this all day workshop will clarify your relationship to Zen.

Danna to teacher Member $150 Non-Member $175

Zen and the Sword**

Putting the relationship between Martial Arts and Zen in perspective. A look at the  mysticism that sometimes surrounds the search for the 'spiritual warrior', other traditions of Japan such as the Yamabushi and Sangendo the Buddhist-Shinto ascetic fusion. And look at the Zen teachings of prominent past teachers such as Takuan Soho, Niten, Tesshu, and Omori Sogen.

Danna to teacher Member $150 Non-Member $175

Turning to Awakening

Exploring the re-awakening of personal spiritual experience in the World and the role of Zen. As the twentieth century reached new heights in materialism and personal wealth at parallel a spiritual revolution began to take place and Zen has been at the forefront. We will look at why and how this happened and it's last effects and continuing development into the 21st century, and what it can mean at a personal level.

Danna to teacher Member $150 Non-Member $175

Zen and the Yogacara sutra

Two part seminar discussing the theory behind meditation as put forward in the the Yogacara sutra the platform teaching of all meditation in Buddhism and from which Zen developed. Finishing with instruction in correct zazen and Hakuin zenji’s method of stress relieving Yassen method.

Danna to teacher Member $150 Non-Member $175

Zazen of the Heart - Zen and the Heart Sutra
Focussing on the writing of Hakuin Ekaku zenji and looking at the role of Compassion in everyday life and the relationship to Everyday Zen training.

Danna to teacher Member $150 Non-Member $175

Yoga and Zen Workshop
A workshop on correct sitting and zazen preparation, and yoga and lifestyle impacts. Long sittings especially in retreats present particular physical challenges especially today with modern life. We will look at how lifestyles have changed and what can be done very simply to enhance our ability to sit, both on a daily basis and in preparation for longer sitting retreats. Correct zazen preparation, zazen form and yoga techniques to help prepare for sitting and sustain that sitting. 

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With University of Western Australia Extension
Open Lectures - September and November
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Online Study Program
Course 1. Zen Understanding and Practice; Zen, it's history, philosophy and practice 
Nargajuna to Tesshu from Philosopher to Swordsman A look at the development of Zen from it’s evolution in India to it’s distinctive development in China through the T’ang and to Southern Sung dynasties, parallels in other Mahayana schools. It’s spread into Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Further development in Japan and introduction to the West. It’s development and contemporary adaptation in the West.Ritual and Mondo, the place of study and intuitive expression/understanding in Zen.

Course 2. This is Zen practice: A course in practice 

One road two travellers A discussion of Rinzai and Soto perspectives on Zen practice. Elements of Zen Explanation and instruction on sitting procedure and description of the relationships between sitting meditation, koan study and work and every day life both in a temple setting and in contemporary lay life. What is Enlightenment?Teacher/student relationship and lineage in Zen. Practical Instructionshow to prepare and meditate. What happens during a group sitting (zazenkai)

Course 3. Zen and the Arts: A look at traditional calligraphy,
The relationship between Calligraphy, Zen Culture (Shoin bunkyo) and practice. A further discussion of Shoin bunkyo, it’s development and influence on Asian literati culture, the relationship of the hermit hut, the farmer and the ruler. A look at the influence on design and architecture. The repetition of scripture copying as meditation and the expression of the Jugaku phrase. How calligraphy has influenced painting and how painting has influenced garden landscape.
Course 4. Garden design,

Painting with Stone The relationship between garden landscape in 3D and Chinese painting in 2D, a brief history. The physical relationship of the garden to the temple, the house and the outcome of Zen practice.. Practical study, Design technique and principle, drawing the garden, composition conventions.

Zen and Gardens in Kyoto (walking the 5 Rinzai Mountains)

Stage 1 – 3 day walking tour in Kyoto city Japan, September  2014 and May 2015 
Visiting Historic gardens and Zen temples in the Kyoto/Kansai region. Looking closely at the garden design of the great Zen Monk architects (So-seki : Rock carrying monks) of the 13th Century  Muso Soseki, Sesshu, and the Great lay architects of the Yedo and Modern Eras; Kabori Enshu and Mirei, as well visiting and taking in the 5 Head temples and others of Rinzai Zen.*

Temples visited will include, Nanzenji, Tenruji, Myoshinji, Empukuji, Tofukuji, Daitokuji, Kofuji
Danna to teacher $250 (covers the walking tour only)

Early Japanese Buddhism Walking tour in Nara city

Optional stage 2 - 1 day walking tour in Nara city
Visiting Kokukuji and _______ and surrounding great gardens.